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The story of a sexually repressed man and his dangerous obsession for a woman who doesn't know he's there. Too ashamed to approach her, he resorts to the only thing he can do to feel close to her: he breaks into her apartment when she is gone and makes himself at home. But when she returns earlier than expected, he is forced to confront the darkness within his psyche.

​Written and directed by L. Marcus Williams and starring Lee Michael Friedman and Michelle Fetterly, NAIL-BITER will have you anxious to see: will he get the girl?




The heart-wrenching story of a mother unable to forgive herself... for the sins of the father.


Based on an anonymous screenplay, this home-grown horror tale is directed by L. Marcus Williams and stars Carol Beaugard and Micheal Johnson. Keep an eye out for THE MONSTER UNDER MY BED.

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