IN DEVELOPMENT: EVERGREEN, a psychological thriller by award-winning filmmaker L. Marcus Williams.

EVERGREEN tells the heart-wrenching story of a suburban family who discover - along with the rest of the world - that their son is a suspected pedophile. Trapped within the walls of their home by the scrutiny of the media and judgement from their neighbors, the family struggles to maintain some sense of normalcy, as they cling to the desperate hope that their son might be innocent. But as the evidence against him mounts - culminating in a ghastly discovery - they are forced to confront a very disturbing possibility: That they themselves are responsible for what he has done.

IN DEVELOPMENT: A Fly on the 4th Wall will produce an adaptation of Kafka's THE METAMORPHOSIS, translated for the screen by writer/director L. Marcus Williams.

"As Gregor Samsa awoke one morning from a restless dream, he found himself in his bed transformed into a monstrous bug." So begins THE METAMORPHOSIS, Franz Kafka's deeply disturbing, yet darkly comical allegory of mental illness, isolation, and stigmatization. Since its original publication over 100 years ago, it has inspired countless interpretations both artistic and psychological. And now you can see Kafka's timeless "bug piece" as it has never been seen before... In the spirit of German Expressionist silent cinema.


A nationwide search is underway for a missing girl and the unidentified man who took her, and 17-year-old Phoebe Evergreen recognizes a sketch of the suspect as her older brother Alexander. Meanwhile, her parents Will and Nora receive a phone call from state police, urging them to report to the station at once in regards to their estranged son.


Alexander returns home.


Will and Nora must decide whether or not the family should stand behind their son, and Phoebe uncovers a piece of incriminating evidence.


The FBI arrives to search the Evergreen home; Nora renounces her son for what he did, but Will blames himself.


Will discovers a shocking secret about his past.


As Will and Nora barricade their home against a storm of reporters, Phoebe's loyalty to her brother is tested when the true nature of his crimes is revealed.


Phoebe steps into the media spotlight with a desperate plea to her brother, as Will and Nora must defend themselves on national television.


Nora is haunted by memories of a traumatic childhood.


Neighborhood kids vandalize the Evergreen home; Nora blames Will for what their son did, and Will strikes back.


Phoebe admits a disturbing truth, and Will and Nora are forced to confront their own inner demons.


The Evergreens are visited by an unexpected guest.


As the manhunt for Alexander Evergreen comes to an end, Will and Nora find themselves mourning the loss of their son. Meanwhile, Phoebe struggles to obey her parents' command that she remain silent.